ISO 8601 parser/unparser / test_files / januaries.out

2001-01-01:	2000-W52-01
2001-01-02:	2000-W52-02
WRONG! This should say W01-0[12].

2002-01-01:	2002-W01-02
2002-01-02:	2002-W01-03

2003-01-01:	2003-W01-03
2003-01-02:	2003-W01-04

2004-01-01:	2004-W01-04
2004-01-02:	2004-W01-05

2005-01-01:	2004-W53-06
2005-01-02:	2004-W53-07

2006-01-01:	2005-W52-07
2006-01-02:	2006-W01-01

2007-01-01:	2006-W52-01
2007-01-02:	2006-W52-02
WRONG! See 2001.

2008-01-01:	2008-W01-02
2008-01-02:	2008-W01-03

2009-01-01:	2009-W01-04
2009-01-02:	2009-W01-05

2010-01-01:	2010-W01-05
2010-01-02:	2010-W01-06
WRONG! This should be 2009-W5[23]-0[56].
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