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This is a button cell class that aims to replicate the sliding-switch button, as seen in many iPhone apps and in the Time Machine pane in System Preferences.


This class works on the Mac (using AppKit). It will not work on the iPhone, where there is no reason for it (it already has a sliding-switch class).

The implementation requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, primarily for NSGradient.

Getting started

  1. Add PRHOnOffButton.[hm] and PRHOnOffButtonCell.[hm] to your source code directory, your Xcode project, and the relevant targets.
  2. In IB, add a checkbox to your xib.
  3. Select it. Switch to the Identity (⌘6 in Xcode 3, ⌘⌥3 in Xcode 4) Inspector. Set the control's class to PRHOnOffButton.
  4. Double-click the control to edit its cell. Set the cell's class to PRHOnOffButtonCell.


  • The cell supports the mixed state. You can turn that on in the Attributes (⌘1 in Xcode 3, ⌘⌥4 in Xcode 4) Inspector for your button control. (You probably shouldn't set it for the cell specifically unless it's hosted in a matrix or something instead of a button control.)
  • Since it's a cell, it should work in matrixes and table views, although I haven't tested it in a table view.