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Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Exit when the task terminates. Pass an exit status to indicate whether the task succeeded or failed.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Switched from true to echo for the test sub-process, added an abnormal termination block, and added a call to dispatch_main. The last makes the test program actually work (previously it would exit before the subprocess).
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Xcode wanted to make this change.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Improved the test app, both using property-access syntax and logging the termination status when the process exits.
Peter Hosey avatarPeter Hosey
Initial check-in of completed, but non-working, NSTask subclass. Fails because NSTask is really an abstract class, so we're not inheriting the implementations we need.
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