codernity committed 5115fc6

Fixed bitbucket issues #2 and #3

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             self.add_index(id_ind, create=False)
             # del CodernityDB.index
         for index in self.indexes:
-            index.create_index()
+            try:
+                index.create_index()
+            except IndexException:
+                raise DatabaseConflict("Already exists (detected on index=%s)" %
         return True
     def _read_indexes(self):
         assert db.exists() == False
+    def test_double_create(self, tmpdir):
+        p = os.path.join(str(tmpdir), 'db')
+        db = self._db(p)
+        db.create()
+        db2 = self._db(p)
+        with pytest.raises(DatabaseConflict):
+            db2.create()
+        db.destroy()
+        db2 = self._db(p)
+        db.create()
     def test_real_life_example_random(self, tmpdir, operations):
         db = self._db(os.path.join(str(tmpdir), 'db'))
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