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Copyleft (K) 2008, Jose Rodriguez-Rosa (a.k.a. Boriel) http://www.boriel.com

All files within this project are covered under de LGPL3-like LICENSE (Read http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html).

You can create closed-source (even commercial ones!) programs with this compiler (a mention to this tool will be welcome, though). But you are not allowed to release the compiler itself as a closed Source program.

If you modify this project (the compiler .py, .asm or whathever) files in any way you MUST publish the changes you made and submit your contribution to the community under the same license.


This is a very little help file.

For DOCUMENTATION in English go to the ZX BASIC Wiki: http://www.zxbasic.net

For help, support, updates meet the community at my forum: http://www.boriel.com/forum/zx-basic-compiler


Go to the ZXBasic download page http://www.boriel.com/wiki/en/index.php/ZX_BASIC:Archive and get the version most suitable for you.

This tools are completely written in python, so you will need a python interpreter (available on many platforms).

Just copy them in a directory of your choice and installation is done. :-) For Windows users there is also a binary .MSI installation, which does not need python installed.


These are some people who has contributed in a way or another. I consider some of them co-authors (Britlion, LCD) of this project.

Thanks to:

If you have contributed in some way to this project, please, tell me so I'll add you to this list.