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fixed broken reference to _create_index

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 To create a new index::
     from whoosh.filedb.gae import DataStoreStorage
     ix = DataStoreStorage().create_index(schema)
 To open an existing index::
 from whoosh.compat import BytesIO
 from import Storage
-from whoosh.filedb.fileindex import _create_index, FileIndex, _DEF_INDEX_NAME
+from whoosh.filedb.fileindex import TOC, FileIndex, _DEF_INDEX_NAME
 from whoosh.filedb.filestore import ReadOnlyError
 from whoosh.filedb.structfile import StructFile
         if self.readonly:
             raise ReadOnlyError
-        _create_index(self, schema, indexname)
+        TOC.create(self, schema, indexname)
         return FileIndex(self, schema, indexname)
     def open_index(self, indexname=_DEF_INDEX_NAME, schema=None):