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Change toJSON and fromJSON instances for Either.

Previously, fromJSON . toJSON == id was violated by the Either
instances. In addition, if both types are parsable from the same
JSON, then the Left is always given favor - which is probably not
desirable. Instead, differentiate the instances using an array.

This allows for "Either a a" to actually work instead of always
chosing Left in FromJSON.

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     {-# INLINE parseJSON #-}
 instance (ToJSON a, ToJSON b) => ToJSON (Either a b) where
-    toJSON (Left a)  = toJSON a
-    toJSON (Right b) = toJSON b
+    toJSON (Left a)  = Array (V.fromList [String "Left", toJSON a])
+    toJSON (Right b) = Array (V.fromList [String "Right", toJSON b])
     {-# INLINE toJSON #-}
 instance (FromJSON a, FromJSON b) => FromJSON (Either a b) where
-    parseJSON a = Left <$> parseJSON a <|> Right <$> parseJSON a
+    parseJSON v@(Array vec) =
+        if V.length vec /= 2
+            then typeMismatch "Either a b" v
+            else case vec V.! 0 of
+                "Left" -> Left <$> parseJSON (vec V.! 1)
+                "Right" -> Right <$> parseJSON (vec V.! 1)
+                _ -> typeMismatch "Either a b" v
+    parseJSON v         = typeMismatch "Either a b" v
     {-# INLINE parseJSON #-}
 instance ToJSON Bool where
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