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Deprecated Data.Aeson.Generic

The module is deprecated for the following reasons:

- It has issues: #75, #84, #101, #107.

- It's slow compared to GHC Generics and very, very, very slow
compared to TH. See some recent benchmark results in #116.

- The encoding/decoding can't currently be configured using the
encoding Options.

- Related to the previous point: GHC Generics and TH use compatible
encoders/decoders (if the same Options have been
used). Data.Aeson.Generic does things slightly differently.

- The original author is not around to work on it.

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 -- by Lennart Augustsson.
 module Data.Aeson.Generic
+{-# DEPRECATED "Please use genericToJSON or genericParseJSON or Data.Aeson.TH instead. These alternatives are more efficient and configurable." #-}
     -- * Decoding and encoding
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