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Make Value an instance of IsString

Requested by Bas van Dijk.

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File Data/Aeson/Types.hs

 import Data.Map (Map)
 import Data.Monoid (Dual(..), First(..), Last(..))
 import Data.Ratio (Ratio)
+import Data.String (IsString(..))
 import Data.Text (Text, pack, unpack)
 import Data.Text.Encoding (decodeUtf8, encodeUtf8)
 import Data.Time.Clock (UTCTime)
     rnf (Bool b)   = rnf b
     rnf Null       = ()
+instance IsString Value where
+    fromString = String . pack
+    {-# INLINE fromString #-}
 -- | The empty array.
 emptyArray :: Value
 emptyArray = Array V.empty