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Added default time format that wasn't tried when parsing.

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File Data/Aeson/Types/Class.hs

 import Data.Vector (Vector)
 import Data.Word (Word, Word8, Word16, Word32, Word64)
 import Foreign.Storable (Storable)
-import System.Locale (defaultTimeLocale)
+import System.Locale (defaultTimeLocale, dateTimeFmt)
 import qualified Data.ByteString as B
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as LB
 import qualified Data.HashMap.Strict as H
 instance FromJSON ZonedTime where
     parseJSON (String t) =
-      tryFormats alternateFormats
+      tryFormats (defaultFormat : alternateFormats)
       <|> fail "could not parse ECMA-262 ISO-8601 date"
+        defaultFormat = dateTimeFmt defaultTimeLocale
         tryFormat f =
           case parseTime defaultTimeLocale f (unpack t) of
             Just d -> pure d