Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed ee31929

Get the TH stuff building under GHC 6.12

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 import Control.Applicative ( pure, (<$>), (<*>) )
 import Control.Monad       ( return, mapM, mzero, liftM2 )
 import Data.Bool           ( otherwise )
-import GHC.Base            ( String )
+import GHC.Base            ( Monad(..), String )
 import Data.Eq             ( (==) )
 import Data.Function       ( ($), (.), id )
 import Data.Functor        ( fmap )
 import Data.List           ( (++), foldl', map, zip, genericLength )
-import Prelude             ( (-), Integer, error )
+import Prelude             ( (-), Integer, fromInteger, error )
 import Text.Show           ( show )
 -- from containers:
 import qualified Data.Map as M ( toList )
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