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A tiny simplification

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 doubleQuote, backslash :: Word8
 doubleQuote = 34
 backslash = 92
+{-# INLINE backslash #-}
+{-# INLINE doubleQuote #-}
 jstring :: Parser Text
 jstring = A.word8 doubleQuote *> jstring_
                                         else Just (c == backslash)
   _ <- A.word8 doubleQuote
   if backslash `B.elem` s
-    then decodeUtf8 <$> reparse unescape s
+    then case Z.parse unescape s of
+           Right r  -> return (decodeUtf8 r)
+           Left err -> fail err
     else return (decodeUtf8 s)
 {-# INLINE jstring_ #-}
-reparse :: Z.Parser a -> ByteString -> Parser a
-reparse p s = case Z.parse p s of
-                Right r  -> return r
-                Left err -> fail err
 unescape :: Z.Parser ByteString
 unescape = toByteString <$> go mempty where
   go acc = do
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