aeson / Data / Aeson.hs

-- Module:      Data.Aeson
-- Copyright:   (c) 2011 MailRank, Inc.
-- License:     Apache
-- Maintainer:  Bryan O'Sullivan <>
-- Stability:   experimental
-- Portability: portable
-- Types and functions for working efficiently with JSON data.

module Data.Aeson
    -- * Core JSON types
    , Array
    , Object
    -- * Type conversion
    , FromJSON(..)
    , ToJSON(..)
    -- * Constructors and accessors
    , (.=)
    , (.:)
    , object
    -- * Encoding and parsing
    , encode
    , json
    ) where

import Data.Aeson.Encode
import Data.Aeson.Parser
import Data.Aeson.Types
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