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0.3 to 0.4

Generics support

Aeson's support for data-type generic programming makes it possible to use JSON encodings of most data types without writing any boilerplate instances.

Thanks to Bas Van Dijk, aeson now supports the two major schemes for doing datatype-generic programming:

  • the newer mechanism, built into GHC itself

  • the older mechanism, based on SYB (for "scrap your boilerplate")

The GHC-based generics are fast and terse: in fact, they're generally comparable in performance to hand-written ToJSON and FromJSON instances. To see how to use GHC generics, see examples/Generic.hs.

The SYB-based generics support lives in Data.Aeson.Generic, and is provided mainly for users of GHC older than 7.2. It's far slower (by about 10x) than the more modern generic mechanism. To see how to use SYB generics, see examples/GenericSYB.hs.