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Bryan O'Sullivan  committed 5eb9843

Fix a huge performance regression under GHC 7.8.1

This improves runtime of benchmarks/Alternative.hs from 12 seconds
to 0.04 (the same as with GHC 7.6), and thus fixes gh-56.

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                                   \ i2 a2 m2 -> runParser b i2 a2 m2 kf ks
                ks' i1 a1 m1 = ks i1 (a0 <> a1) m1
            in  noAdds i0 a0 m0 $ \i2 a2 m2 -> runParser a i2 a2 m2 kf' ks'
-{-# INLINE plus #-}
 instance (Monoid t) => MonadPlus (Parser t) where
     mzero = failDesc "mzero"