attoparsec / Data / Attoparsec / Text / Internal.hs

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File Data/Attoparsec/Text/Internal.hs

 import Control.Monad (when)
 import Data.Attoparsec.Combinator
 import Data.Attoparsec.Internal.Types hiding (Parser, Input, Added, Failure, Success)
+import Data.Monoid (Monoid(..))
 import Data.String (IsString(..))
 import Data.Text (Text)
 import Prelude hiding (getChar, take, takeWhile)
 -- | Run a parser.
 parse :: Parser a -> Text -> Result a
-parse m s = runParser m (I s) (A T.empty) Incomplete failK successK
+parse m s = runParser m (I s) mempty Incomplete failK successK
 {-# INLINE parse #-}
 -- | Run a parser that cannot be resupplied via a 'Partial' result.
 parseOnly :: Parser a -> Text -> Either String a
-parseOnly m s = case runParser m (I s) (A T.empty) Complete failK successK of
+parseOnly m s = case runParser m (I s) mempty Complete failK successK of
                   Fail _ _ err -> Left err
                   Done _ a     -> Right a
                   _            -> error "parseOnly: impossible error!"