funtion "many" clashes

Issue #10 resolved
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{{{ $ ghci GHCi, version 7.0.4: :? for help Prelude> :m + Control.Applicative Data.Attoparsec Prelude Control.Applicative Data.Attoparsec> :t many

<interactive>:1:1: Ambiguous occurrence many' It could refer to eitherControl.Applicative.many', imported from Control.Applicative or `Data.Attoparsec.many', imported from Data.Attoparsec }}}

Both Control.Applicative.many and Data.Attoparsec.many seem to share a common definition: Their type signatures are identical, and the behavior is also the same. Then GHCi shouldn't be complaining about ambiguity, unless they are unnecessarily defined separately.

As Attoparsec does not ship with all the Alternative convenience funtions (<|>, optional, etc.), Applicative and Attoparsec should be importable at the same time, without any need to qualify the import or hide certain names.

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