attoparsec / .hgtags

187e68710ea1903fdb2fcc78964574982830adc0 0.2
9c2929e868fdfe4cb267f1cc9d41bdab31d97640 0.2.1
1f5944a3920322fa8e2bb2fbc9382223968a77d7 0.2.2
d4934c7fdf544d4e5b2925cada4b91d92a8948c2 0.3
91a8667f027294bdf9df7bbe3fe1083a8d09f26c 0.4
7ad5cecf582ce41410159040c6a47002ad61613f 0.5
d5f93303fb5169d856291fa6cde834b89866a1ed 0.5.1
ace3afe105f50a5c90ee135dc72ad306fc3b296c 0.6
4e6ad4e2712c82714bb055c261adb376dae4c513 0.7
5504cf45797458399d3f840088bd31f84ef1d56d 0.7.1
69d4bdcb1e2b35d768ea291886b85cbadd7bf839 0.7.2
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