attoparsec / tests / TestFastSet.hs

module Main (main) where

import Data.Word (Word8)
import qualified Data.Attoparsec.FastSet as F
import System.Random (Random(..), RandomGen)
import Test.QuickCheck

integralRandomR :: (Integral a, RandomGen g) => (a, a) -> g -> (a, g)
integralRandomR (a,b) g = case randomR (fromIntegral a :: Int,
                                        fromIntegral b :: Int) g
                          of (x,g') -> (fromIntegral x, g')

instance Random Word8 where
  randomR = integralRandomR
  random = randomR (minBound,maxBound)

instance Arbitrary Word8 where
    arbitrary = choose (minBound, maxBound)

prop_AllMembers s =
    let set = F.fromList s
    in all (`F.memberWord8` set) s

main = do
  quickCheck prop_AllMembers
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