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   * Automatic, dynamic reloading in response to modifications to
     configuration files.
-  * The simple, but flexible, configuration language supports several
+  * A simple, but flexible, configuration language, supporting several
     of the most commonly needed types of data, along with
     interpolation of strings from the configuration or the system
     environment (e.g. @$(HOME)@).
-  * Use the @import@ directive to break up the configuration of a
-    complex application into smaller files, or to easily share pieces
-    of common configuration data across several applications.
+  * Subscription-based notification of changes to configuration
+    properties.
+  .
+  * An @import@ directive allows the configuration of a complex
+    application to be split across several smaller files, or common
+    configuration data to be shared across several applications.
   For details of the configuration file format, see
-    tests/TestLoad.hs
+    tests/*.hs
 flag developer
   description: operate in developer mode