Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed 70b102b

Enable GC between runs by default

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                   cfgBanner       = ljust "I don't know what version I am."
                 , cfgConfInterval = ljust 0.95
                 , cfgMatchType    = ljust Prefix
-                , cfgPerformGC    = ljust False
+                , cfgPerformGC    = ljust True
                 , cfgPrintExit    = Nada
                 , cfgResamples    = ljust (100 * 1000)
                 , cfgReport       = mempty


  , Option ['G'] ["no-gc"] (noArg mempty { cfgPerformGC = ljust False })
           "do not collect garbage between iterations"
  , Option ['g'] ["gc"] (noArg mempty { cfgPerformGC = ljust True })
-          "collect garbage between iterations"
+          "collect garbage between iterations (default)"
  , Option ['I'] ["ci"] (ReqArg ci "CI")
           "bootstrap confidence interval"
  , Option ['l'] ["list"] (noArg mempty { cfgPrintExit = List })
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