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 <!-- vim: set filetype=docbkxml shiftwidth=2 autoindent expandtab tw=77 : -->
 <appendix id="svn">
-  <?dbhtml filename="mercurial-for-subversion-users.html"?>
+  <?dbhtml filename="migrating-to-mercurial.html"?>
 <title>Migrating to Mercurial</title>
   <para>A common way to test the waters with a new revision control
 filename_re = re.compile(r'<\?dbhtml filename="([^"]+)"\?>')
 title_re = re.compile(r'<title>(.*)</title>')
-chapters = glob.glob('../en/ch*.xml') + glob.glob('../en/app*.xml')
+chapters = (sorted(glob.glob('../en/ch*.xml')) +
+            sorted(glob.glob('../en/app*.xml')))
 fp = open('', 'w')
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