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3.1.2 first 2 paras zh translated

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 "What happens if we try to use the normal <command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg update</"
 "command> command to update to the new tip?"
 msgstr ""
+"如果我们使用常用的<command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg update</command>命令来更新到新的"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><sect2><para>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:126
 "(Incidentally, forcing the update with <command>hg update -C</command> would "
 "revert any uncommitted changes in the working directory.)"
 msgstr ""
+"Mercurial告诉我们<command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg update</command>不能进行合并;当"
+"说一下,使用<command>hg update -C</command>命令强制更新会丢掉当前目录没有提交"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><sect2><para>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:134
 "To start a merge between the two heads, we use the <command role=\"hg-cmd"
 "\">hg merge</command> command."
 msgstr ""
-"我们使用 <command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg merge</command> 命令来合并两个顶点。"
+"我们使用 <command role=\"hg-cmd\">hg merge</command> 命令来合并两个领头版本。"
 #. type: Content of: <book><chapter><sect1><sect2><para>
 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:139
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