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A few bits of terminological clarification.

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 To find out what revision the working directory is at, use the
 \hgcmd{parents} command.
+If you look back at figure~\ref{fig:tour-basic:history}, you'll see
+arrows connecting each changeset.  The node that the arrow leads
+\emph{from} in each case is a parent, and the node that the arrow
+leads \emph{to} is its child.  The working directory has a parent in
+just the same way; this is the changeset that the working directory
+currently contains.
 To update the working directory to a particular revision, give a
 revision number or changeset~ID to the \hgcmd{update} command.

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 our former heads as its parents.  These are the same revisions that
 were previously displayed by \hgcmd{parents}.
+In figure~\ref{fig:tour-merge:merge}, you can see a representation of
+what happens to the working directory during the merge, and how this
+affects the repository when the commit happens.  During the merge, the
+working directory has two parent changesets, and these become the
+parents of the new changeset.
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