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Fix broken qguard example

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+    <para id="x_74a">Notice that we prefixed the arguments to the <command>hg
+	qguard</command> command with a <literal>--</literal> here, so
+      that Mercurial would not interpret the text
+      <literal>-quux</literal> as an option.</para>
+      <title>Setting vs. modifying</title>
       <para id="x_172">  The <command role="hg-ext-mq">qguard</command> command
 	<emphasis>sets</emphasis> the guards on a patch; it doesn't
 	<emphasis>modify</emphasis> them.  What this means is that if

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 #$ name: qguard.neg
-hg qguard hello.patch -quux
+hg qguard -- hello.patch -quux
 hg qguard hello.patch
 #$ name: series