Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed 627effe

More attempts to tidy up regexps for ignoring.

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 cat myfile
 #$ name: simple.log
+#$ ignore: \s+200[78]-.*
 hg log --style compact


 #$ name: init
-#$ ignore: [0-9a-f]{40}
 hg init hook-test
 cd hook-test


 ls .hg/patches
 #$ name: qrefresh
-#$ ignore: [0-9a-f]{12}
+#$ ignore: \s+200[78]-.*
 echo 'line 2' >> file1
 hg diff


         ignore = [
             r'\d+:[0-9a-f]{12}', # changeset number:hash
+            r'[0-9a-f]{40}', # long changeset hash
+            r'[0-9a-f]{12}', # short changeset hash
             r'^(?:---|\+\+\+) .*', # diff header with dates
             r'^date:.*', # date
-            r'^diff -r.*', # "diff -r" is followed by hash
+            #r'^diff -r.*', # "diff -r" is followed by hash
             r'^# Date \d+ \d+', # hg patch header
-            r'^# Node ID [0-9a-f]{40}', # hg patch header
-            r'^# Parent  [0-9a-f]{40}', # hg patch header
         err = False


 #$ name: result
+#$ ignore: \+0000 \(.*
 hg log -r1 --style
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