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Don't rerun examples unnecessarily.

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 example-sources := \
-	examples/run-example \
 	examples/daily.files \
 	examples/hook.simple \
 	examples/ \
 examples: examples/.run
-examples/.run: $(example-sources)
-	cd examples && ./run-example
+examples/.run: $(
+	touch examples/.run
+examples/ examples/% examples/run-example
+	cd examples && ./run-example $(notdir $<)
 build_id.tex: $(wildcard ../.hg/00changelog.[id])
 	echo -n $(hg_id) > build_id.tex


                     # then its output
+            open( + '.run', 'w')
                 output = self.sendreceive('exit\n')
     for name in os.listdir(path):
         if name == 'run-example' or name.startswith('.'): continue
         if name.endswith('.out') or name.endswith('~'): continue
+        if name.endswith('.run'): continue
         pathname = os.path.join(path, name)
         st = os.lstat(pathname)
         if stat.S_ISREG(st.st_mode) and st.st_mode & 0111:
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