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 "the conversion later to obtain new changes that happened after the initial "
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+"Mercurial包括一个叫<literal role=\"hg-ext\">convert</literal>的扩展,它可以递"
+"增的从几个其他的版本控制工具导入版本历史。 <quote>增量</quote>的意思是你可以在"
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 #: ../en/ch01-intro.xml:624
 "Mercurial in parallel before committing to a switchover, without risking the "
 "loss of any work."
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+"另外<literal role=\"hg-ext\">convert</literal>可以从Mercurial向Subversion导出"
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 #: ../en/ch01-intro.xml:638
 "After the initial conversion, just run the same command again to import new "
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+"<command role=\"hg-ext-convert\">convert</command>命令非常简单。只要给出源版本"
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 #: ../en/ch01-intro.xml:647