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Network bits.

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 #$ name: push.nothing
 hg push ../hello-push
+#$ name: outgoing.net
+hg outgoing http://hg.serpentine.com/tutorial/hello
+#$ name: push.net
+hg push http://hg.serpentine.com/tutorial/hello
+#$ name:
+exit 0

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 repository already has those changes?  Nothing too exciting.
+\subsection{Sharing changes over a network}
+The commands we have covered in the previous few sections are not
+limited to working with local repositories.  Each works in exactly the
+same fashion over a network connection; simply pass in a URL instead
+of a local path.
+In this example, we can see what changes we could push to the remote
+repository, but the repository is understandably not set up to let
+anonymous users push to it.
 %%% Local Variables: 
 %%% mode: latex
 %%% TeX-master: "00book"