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 # Authors:
 # Dongsheng Song <dongsheng.song@gmail.com>, 2009
+# Zhaoping Sun <zhaopingsun@gmail.com>, 2009
 # Check translation:
 #    msgfmt --statistics -c -o zh.mo zh.po
 "pulling or pushing changes from one repository into another.  Our next step "
 "is <emphasis>merging</emphasis> changes from separate repositories."
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 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:13
 "Merging is a fundamental part of working with a distributed revision control "
 "tool.  Here are a few cases in which the need to merge work arises."
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 "feature in his.  They want the shared repository to contain both the bug fix "
 "and the new feature."
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 "once, each safely isolated in its own repository. Working this way means that "
 "she often needs to merge one piece of her own work with another."
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 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:35
 "through a merge.  We'll begin by cloning yet another repository (see how "
 "often they spring up?)  and making a change in it."
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 #: ../en/ch03-tour-merge.xml:42