Bryan O'Sullivan committed ceaca14

Add local regexps to ignore bits of output.

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 #$ name: init
+#$ ignore: [0-9a-f]{40}
 hg init hook-test
 cd hook-test
 hg commit -m 'testing commit hook'
 #$ name: ext
+#$ ignore: ^date of commit.*
-echo 'commit.when = echo "date of commit:"; date' >> .hg/hgrc
+echo 'commit.when = echo -n "date of commit: "; date' >> .hg/hgrc
 echo a >> a
 hg commit -m 'i have two hooks'


 ls .hg/patches
 #$ name: qrefresh
+#$ ignore: [0-9a-f]{12}
 echo 'line 2' >> file1
 hg diff


+# So many different bits of random output, it would be a nightmare to
+# ignore each individually.
+#$ ignore: .*
 hg init myrepo
 cd myrepo
 echo hello > hello
 hg clone
 #$ name: ls
+#$ ignore: ^drwx.*
 ls -l
 ls hello


 hg pull -u ../scam-son
 #$ name: merge
+#$ ignore: [<>]{7} /tmp/.*
 export HGMERGE=merge
 hg merge