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 <!-- vim: set filetype=docbkxml shiftwidth=2 autoindent expandtab tw=77 : -->
-<appendix id="cha.opl">
+<appendix id="cha:opl">
   <?dbhtml filename="open-publication-license.html"?>
   <title>Open Publication License</title>
     <para id="x_63c">The reference must be immediately followed with any options
       elected by the author(s) and/or publisher of the document (see
-      section <xref linkend="sec.opl.options"/>).</para>
+      <xref linkend="sec:opl:options"/>).</para>
     <para id="x_63d">Commercial redistribution of Open Publication-licensed
       material is permitted.</para>
-  <sect1 id="sec.opl.options">
+  <sect1 id="sec:opl:options">
     <title>License options</title>
     <para id="x_64e">The author(s) and/or publisher of an Open