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See comment in

attached to para beginning "If the connection is over HTTP"

Reproduced below for convenience.

19:05 < mpm> bzip2 is used to build bundles.

19:05 < mpm> But zlib is used over http.

19:06 < faheem_> mpm: bryan's book talks about bzip2 over http

19:06 < faheem_> unless i am misunderstanding

19:08 < mpm> Pretty sure he's mistaken.

19:09 < mpm> hgweb uses zlib to balance bandwidth and cpu usage. bz2 is too expensive.

19:10 < faheem_> mpm: he has - "If the connection is over HTTP, Mercurial recompresses the entire stream of data using a compression algorithm that gives a better compression ratio (the Burrows-Wheeler algorithm from the widely used bzip2 compression package)."

19:10 < faheem_> if this is wrong, i can add a comment

19:10 < mpm> Yeah, that's wrong.

19:10 < mpm> It decompresses a bunch of separately compressed zlib pieces and recompresses them as a single zlib stream.

19:11 < mpm> (see mercurial/hgweb/

19:11 < mpm> That results in substantially better overall compression but still minimal CPU usage.

< mpm> bzip -is- used by bundles.

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