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import re

def trailing_whitespace(difflines):
    added, linenum, header = [], 0, False

    for line in difflines:
        if header:
            # remember the name of the file that this diff affects
            m = re.match(r'(?:---|\+\+\+) ([^\t]+)', line)
            if m and != '/dev/null':
                filename ='/', 1)[-1]
            if line.startswith('+++ '):
                header = False
        if line.startswith('diff '):
            header = True
        # hunk header - save the line number
        m = re.match(r'@@ -\d+,\d+ \+(\d+),', line)
        if m:
            linenum = int(
        # hunk body - check for an added line with trailing whitespace
        m = re.match(r'\+.*\s$', line)
        if m:
            added.append((filename, linenum))
        if line and line[0] in ' +':
            linenum += 1
    return added

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import os, sys
    added = trailing_whitespace(os.popen('hg export tip'))
    if added:
        for filename, linenum in added:
            print >> sys.stderr, ('%s, line %d: trailing whitespace added' %
                                  (filename, linenum))
        # save the commit message so we don't need to retype it
        os.system('hg tip --template "{desc}" > .hg/')
        print >> sys.stderr, 'commit message saved to .hg/'
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