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#$ name: add

hg init add-example
cd add-example
echo a > myfile.txt
hg status
hg add myfile.txt
hg status
hg commit -m 'Added one file'
hg status

#$ name: add-dir

mkdir b
echo b > b/somefile.txt
echo c > b/source.cpp
mkdir b/d
echo d > b/d/test.h
hg add b
hg commit -m 'Added all files in subdirectory'

#$ name:

cd ..

#$ name: hidden

hg init hidden-example
cd hidden-example
mkdir empty
touch empty/.hidden
hg add empty/.hidden
hg commit -m 'Manage an empty-looking directory'
ls empty
cd ..
hg clone hidden-example tmp
ls tmp
ls tmp/empty

#$ name: remove

hg init remove-example
cd remove-example
echo a > a
mkdir b
echo b > b/b
hg add a b
hg commit -m 'Small example for file removal'
hg remove a
hg status
hg remove b

#$ name:

cd ..

#$ name: missing
hg init missing-example
cd missing-example
echo a > a
hg add a
hg commit -m 'File about to be missing'
rm a
hg status

#$ name: remove-after

hg remove --after a
hg status

#$ name: recover-missing
hg revert a
cat a
hg status

#$ name:

cd ..

#$ name: addremove

hg init addremove-example
cd addremove-example
echo a > a
echo b > b
hg addremove

#$ name: commit-addremove

echo c > c
hg commit -A -m 'Commit with addremove'