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#$ name: init

hg init hook-test
cd hook-test
echo '[hooks]' >> .hg/hgrc
echo 'commit = echo committed $HG_NODE' >> .hg/hgrc
cat .hg/hgrc
echo a > a
hg add a
hg commit -m 'testing commit hook'

#$ name: ext
#$ ignore: ^date of commit.*

echo 'commit.when = echo -n "date of commit: "; date' >> .hg/hgrc
echo a >> a
hg commit -m 'i have two hooks'

#$ name:

echo '#!/bin/sh' >> check_bug_id
echo '# check that a commit comment mentions a numeric bug id' >> check_bug_id
echo 'hg log -r $1 --template {desc} | grep -q "\<bug *[0-9]"' >> check_bug_id
chmod +x check_bug_id

#$ name: pretxncommit

cat check_bug_id

echo 'pretxncommit.bug_id_required = ./check_bug_id $HG_NODE' >> .hg/hgrc

echo a >> a
hg commit -m 'i am not mentioning a bug id'

hg commit -m 'i refer you to bug 666'