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 \conferenceinfo{Haskell Symposium 2010}{September 30 2010, Baltimore.} 
-\copyrightdata{[to be supplied]} 
 \title{Scalable~I/O Event Handling for GHC}
 \category{D.3.4}{Programming Languages}{Processors---Runtime-environments}
-Languages, Concurrency, Performance, Networking
+Algorithms, Languages, Performance
 much larger number of lightweight Haskell threads~\cite{marlow04}.
 The number of operating system threads to use may be chosen at program
 startup time, with typical values ranging up to the number of~CPU
-cores available\footnote{GHC also supports an ``unthreaded'' runtime,
+cores available\footnote{GHC also provides an ``unthreaded'' runtime,
   which does not support multiple~CPU cores.  We are concerned only
   with the threaded runtime.}.
 \section{Additional materials}
-The source code to the original, standalone version of our event
-management library is available at
+The source code of the original, standalone version of our event
+management library and our benchmarks are available at\\
 % We recommend abbrvnat bibliography style.
-% The bibliography should be embedded for final submission.
-%\bibitem[Smith et~al.(2009)Smith, Jones]{smith02}
-%P. Q. Smith, and X. Y. Jones. ...reference text...