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Update mailrank addresses to serpentine

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 name:           mysql-simple
-homepage:       https://github.com/mailrank/mysql-simple
-bug-reports:    https://github.com/mailrank/mysql-simple/issues
+homepage:       https://github.com/bos/mysql-simple
+bug-reports:    https://github.com/bos/mysql-simple/issues
 synopsis:       A mid-level MySQL client library.
     A mid-level client library for the MySQL database, intended to be
     subject to the terms of the GPL.
 license:        BSD3
 license-file:   LICENSE
-author:         Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@mailrank.com>
-maintainer:     Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@mailrank.com>
+author:         Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@serpentine.com>
+maintainer:     Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@serpentine.com>
 copyright:      2011 MailRank, Inc.
 category:       Database
 build-type:     Simple
 source-repository head
   type:     git
-  location: http://github.com/mailrank/mysql-simple
+  location: http://github.com/bos/mysql-simple
 source-repository head
   type:     mercurial