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+# mysql: bindings to the mysqlclient library
+This library is a Haskell binding to the MySQL `mysqlclient` client
+library.  It is a fairly faithful, low level library that implements
+most of the MySQL client API.
+This library deliberately avoids the question of providing a "good"
+API. Its purpose is to serve as a base on which higher-level libraries
+can be build.
+# To do
+* Add support for prepared statements. This API is huge and of dubious
+  performance worth, so it's not currently a priority for me. Patches
+  welcome!
+# Get involved!
+We are happy to receive bug reports, fixes, documentation enhancements,
+and other improvements.
+Please report bugs via the
+[github issue tracker](
+Master [git repository](
+* `git clone git://`
+There's also a [Mercurial mirror](
+* `hg clone`
+(You can create and contribute changes using either git or Mercurial.)
+# Authors
+This library is written and maintained by Bryan O'Sullivan,