Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed e4550b3

Block signals for mysql_real_query.

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 foreign import ccall unsafe mysql_stat
     :: Ptr MYSQL -> IO CString
-foreign import ccall unsafe mysql_real_query
+foreign import ccall unsafe "mysql_signals.h _hs_mysql_real_query" mysql_real_query
     :: Ptr MYSQL -> CString -> CULong -> IO CInt
 foreign import ccall safe mysql_insert_id


     return ret;
+int STDCALL _hs_mysql_real_query(MYSQL *mysql, const char *q,
+				 unsigned long length)
+    int ret;
+    block_rts_signals();
+    ret = mysql_real_query(mysql, q, length);
+    unblock_rts_signals();
+    return ret;
 const char *STDCALL _hs_mysql_stat(MYSQL *mysql)
     const char *ret;


 				      unsigned long clientflag);
 void STDCALL _hs_mysql_close(MYSQL *sock);
 int STDCALL _hs_mysql_ping(MYSQL *mysql);
+int STDCALL _hs_mysql_real_query(MYSQL *mysql, const char *q,
+				 unsigned long length);
 const char *STDCALL _hs_mysql_stat(MYSQL *mysql);
 my_bool STDCALL _hs_mysql_autocommit(MYSQL * mysql, my_bool auto_mode);
 my_bool STDCALL _hs_mysql_change_user(MYSQL *mysql, const char *user,
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