1. Bryan O'Sullivan
  2. netplug


netplug / TODO

Stuff that needs doing:

- Prevent food fights with hotplug and/or pcmcia_cs over who ought to
  be trying to configure interfaces when PCMCIA or Cardbus network
  cards are inserted.

- Deal with wireless interfaces, which are currently untested.

- Integrate with distributions other than Red Hat.  I don't use any
  others, so patches are welcome.

- Add a notification interface, so other programs that care about
  carrier events can talk to netplug, instead of using the rather
  obtuse netlink protocol.

- Avoid storms of DHCP traffic if a cluster of systems running netplug
  is connected to a big switch that gets power cycled.  This will
  probably involve adding a smallish random delay before responding to
  a netlink event.

- See if anything special needs doing for interfaces that don't look
  like Ethernet.