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Drop wireless netlink messages.

I've been using this for sometime now without issue. I've also moved
the ignore event message from INFO to DEBUG to cut down on syslog noise.

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 #include "netplug.h"
+/* Support old kernels without wireless */
+#endif /* IFLA_WIRELESS */
 int use_syslog;
 static char *pid_file;
     parse_rtattrs(attrs, IFLA_MAX, IFLA_RTA(info), len);
+    /* Ignore wireless messages */
+    if (attrs[IFLA_WIRELESS] != NULL
+		    && hdr->nlmsg_type == RTM_NEWLINK
+		    && info->ifi_change == 0) {
+	    do_log(LOG_DEBUG, "Ignoring wireless netlink message");
+	    return 0;
+    }	    
     if (attrs[IFLA_IFNAME] == NULL) {
         do_log(LOG_ERR, "No interface name");
         return -1;
     char *name = RTA_DATA(attrs[IFLA_IFNAME]);
     if (!if_match(name)) {
-        do_log(LOG_INFO, "%s: ignoring event", name);
+        do_log(LOG_DEBUG, "%s: ignoring event", name);
         return 0;
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