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/* -*- c -*- */

digraph state_machine {
  insane [label="INSANE"];
  probing [label="PROBING"];
  down [label="DOWN"];
  inactive [label="INACTIVE"];
  inning [label="INNING"];
  wait_in [label="WAIT_IN"];
  outing [label="OUTING"];
  downandout [label="DOWNANDOUT"];
  active [label="ACTIVE"];
  probing_up [label="PROBING_UP"];

  insane -> probing [label="regained\nsanity"];

  probing -> down [label="probe\ndone"];
  probing -> probing_up [label="up -> 1"];

  down -> inactive [label="up -> 1"];

  probing_up -> inactive [label="probe\ndone"];
  probing_up -> probing [label="up -> 0"];

  inactive -> inning [label="running -> 1"];
  inactive -> probing [label="up -> 0"];

  inning -> wait_in [label="running -> 0"];
  inning -> active [label="in done OK"];

  wait_in -> outing [label="in done"];

  active -> outing [label="running -> 0"];

  outing -> downandout [label="up -> 0"];
  outing -> inactive [label="out done"];

  downandout -> probing [label="out done"];
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