riak-haskell-client / README.markdown

# Welcome to riak-haskell-client

This library is a fast Haskell client for the
[Riak](http://www.basho.com/Riak.html) decentralized data store.

It uses Riak's [protobuf API](http://wiki.basho.com/PBC-API.html) for
optimal performance.

# Join in!

We are happy to receive bug reports, fixes, documentation enhancements,
and other improvements.

Please report bugs via the
[github issue tracker](http://github.com/mailrank/riak-haskell-client/issues).

Master [git repository](http://github.com/mailrank/riak-haskell-client):

* `git clone git://github.com/mailrank/riak-haskell-client.git`

There's also a [Mercurial mirror](http://bitbucket.org/bos/riak-haskell-client):

* `hg clone http://bitbucket.org/bos/riak-haskell-client`

(You can create and contribute changes using either git or Mercurial.)


This library is written and maintained by Bryan O'Sullivan,
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