Bryan O'Sullivan committed f51d44f

Add basic QuickCheck property testing support.

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+import Control.Applicative ((<$>))
+import Control.Exception (finally)
+import Control.Monad (forM_)
+import Data.IORef (IORef, modifyIORef, newIORef, readIORef)
+import Network.Riak.Connection (defaultClient)
+import Network.Riak.Connection.Pool (Pool, create, withConnection)
+import Network.Riak.Content (binary)
+import Network.Riak.Types (Bucket, Key, Quorum(..))
+import System.IO.Unsafe (unsafePerformIO)
+import Test.Framework (defaultMain, testGroup)
+import Test.Framework.Providers.QuickCheck2 (testProperty)
+import Test.QuickCheck (Arbitrary(..))
+import Test.QuickCheck.Monadic (assert, monadicIO, run)
+import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy as L
+import qualified Network.Riak.Basic as B
+import qualified Network.Riak.JSON as J
+import qualified Network.Riak.Value as V
+instance Arbitrary L.ByteString where
+    arbitrary     = L.pack `fmap` arbitrary
+cruft :: IORef [(Bucket, Key)]
+{-# NOINLINE cruft #-}
+cruft = unsafePerformIO $ newIORef []
+pool :: Pool
+{-# NOINLINE pool #-}
+pool = unsafePerformIO $
+       create defaultClient 1 1 1
+t_put_get b k v = monadicIO $ assert . uncurry (==) =<< run act
+ where
+  act = withConnection pool $ \c -> do
+          modifyIORef cruft ((b,k):)
+          p <- Just <$> B.put c b k Nothing (binary v) Default Default
+          r <- B.get c b k Default
+          return (p,r)
+main = defaultMain tests `finally` cleanup
+  where
+    cleanup = withConnection pool $ \c -> do
+                bks <- readIORef cruft
+                forM_ bks $ \(b,k) -> B.delete c b k Default
+tests = [
+  testProperty "t_put_get" t_put_get
+ ]
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