Bryan O'Sullivan committed e96929b

Add test support

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 copyright:      Copyright 2011 MailRank, Inc.
 category:       Codec, Compression
 build-type:     Simple
-cabal-version:  >= 1.6
+cabal-version:  >= 1.8
+test-suite tests
+  type:           exitcode-stdio-1.0
+  hs-source-dirs: tests
+  main-is:        Properties.hs
+  ghc-options:
+    -Wall -threaded -O0 -rtsopts
+  cpp-options:
+  build-depends:
+    base < 5,
+    bytestring,
+    cmdargs,
+    QuickCheck >= 2.4,
+    snappy,
+    test-framework,
+    test-framework-quickcheck2,
+    time,
+    zlib
 source-repository head
   type:     git
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