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File Statistics/Distribution/Normal.hs

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 import Data.Number.Erf (erfc)
 import Data.Typeable (Typeable)
 import Statistics.Constants (m_huge, m_sqrt_2, m_sqrt_2_pi)
-import Statistics.Types (Sample)
 import qualified Statistics.Distribution as D
 import qualified Statistics.Sample as S
     where sv = sqrt v
-fromSample :: Sample -> NormalDistribution
+fromSample :: S.Sample -> NormalDistribution
 fromSample a = fromParams (S.mean a) (S.variance a)
 density :: NormalDistribution -> Double -> Double

File statistics.cabal

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 name:           statistics
-version:        0.3
+version:        0.3.1
 synopsis:       A library of statistical types, data, and functions
   This library provides a number of common functions and types useful