Aleksey Khudyakov committed ae3a1d0

Bump dependency for monad-par and remove workaround

Bug in shcheduler was fixed in 0.3.4. Fixes #45

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 import Control.DeepSeq (NFData)
 import Control.Exception (assert)
--- Workaround for the bug
--- As suggested by Simon Marlow direct scheduler is used.
---   Issue #45 tracks this workaround.
-import Control.Monad.Par               (parMap)
-import Control.Monad.Par.Scheds.Direct (runPar)
+import Control.Monad.Par               (parMap,runPar)
 import Data.Data (Data)
 import Data.Typeable (Typeable)
 import Data.Vector.Unboxed ((!))
     base < 5,
     deepseq >=,
-    monad-par         >=,
+    monad-par         >= 0.3.4,
     mwc-random        >=,
     math-functions    >= 0.1.2,
     primitive         >= 0.3,
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