Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed 1546b58

Drop some redundant imports.

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 import Data.Text.Fusion.Size
 import qualified Data.Text.Internal as I
 import qualified Data.Text.Encoding.Utf16 as U16
-import qualified Prelude as P


 import Data.Monoid (mempty)
 import Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.Functions ((<>), i2d)
 import Data.Text.Lazy.Builder
-import Data.Text.Lazy (pack)
 import Data.Word (Word, Word8, Word16, Word32, Word64)
 import GHC.Base (quotInt, remInt)
 import GHC.Num (quotRemInteger)


 import qualified Data.Text.Array as A
 import Data.Word (Word64)
 import Data.Text.Internal (Text(..))
-import Data.Text.Fusion.Internal (PairS(..))
 import Data.Bits ((.|.), (.&.))
 import Data.Text.UnsafeShift (shiftL)
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