Bryan O'Sullivan avatar Bryan O'Sullivan committed 44a75cb

Tried testing actions on stdin/stdout, but failed

They turned out to be too racy and ugly to deal with, due to sharing
across multiple threads.

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 import qualified SlowFunctions as Slow
 import QuickCheckUtils (NotEmpty(..), small, genUnicode)
-import TestUtils (withTempFile)
+import TestUtils (withRedirect, withTempFile)
 -- Ensure that two potentially bottom values (in the sense of crashing
 -- for some inputs, not looping infinitely) either both crash, or both
                   r <- reader h'
                   r `deepseq` return r
+t_put_get = write_read T.unlines T.filter put get
+  where put h = withRedirect h stdout . T.putStr
+        get h = withRedirect h stdin T.getContents
+tl_put_get = write_read TL.unlines TL.filter put get
+  where put h = withRedirect h stdout . TL.putStr
+        get h = withRedirect h stdin TL.getContents
 t_write_read = write_read T.unlines T.filter T.hPutStr T.hGetContents
 tl_write_read = write_read TL.unlines TL.filter TL.hPutStr TL.hGetContents
     testProperty "tl_write_read" tl_write_read,
     testProperty "t_write_read_line" t_write_read_line,
     testProperty "tl_write_read_line" tl_write_read_line
+    -- These tests are subject to I/O race conditions when run under
+    -- test-framework-quickcheck2.
+    -- testProperty "t_put_get" t_put_get
+    -- testProperty "tl_put_get" tl_put_get
   testGroup "lowlevel" [


 module TestUtils
-      withTempFile
+      withRedirect
+    , withTempFile
     ) where
-import Control.Exception (bracket)
+import Control.Exception (bracket, bracket_)
 import Control.Monad (when)
+import GHC.IO.Handle.Internals (withHandle)
 import System.Directory (removeFile)
-import System.IO (Handle, hClose, hIsOpen, openTempFile)
+import System.IO
 withTempFile :: (FilePath -> Handle -> IO a) -> IO a
 withTempFile = bracket (openTempFile "." "crashy.txt") cleanupTemp . uncurry
       open <- hIsOpen h
       when open (hClose h)
       removeFile path
+withRedirect :: Handle -> Handle -> IO a -> IO a
+withRedirect tmp h = bracket_ swap swap
+  where
+    whenM p a = p >>= (`when` a)
+    swap = do
+      whenM (hIsOpen tmp) $ whenM (hIsWritable tmp) $ hFlush tmp
+      whenM (hIsOpen h) $ whenM (hIsWritable h) $ hFlush h
+      withHandle "spam" tmp $ \tmph -> do
+        hh <- withHandle "spam" h $ \hh ->
+          return (tmph,hh)
+        return (hh,())
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